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Arcipel is a strategic advisory firm

Unlike other advisory companies, our model relies on a global network of experts to help our clients understand risk, make better decisions and overcome challenges. This keeps our costs low and allows us to be more nimble. 

Arcipel ('a:ki:pel)

We provide decision makers with the forward-looking, data-rich intelligence they need to thrive in unpredictable social, environmental, economic and political environments.  

We specialize in

  • Risk identification and management

  • Scenario planning, strategic gaming and forward-looking analysis

  • Threat assessment

  • Market entry and investment due diligence

  • Political, policy and regulatory monitoring and analysis

Whom we work with

Our clients include governments, global corporations and SMEs across a range of sectors to help them to gain situational awareness, adapt and grow.


We work with clients across a number of strategic industries, including finance, technology, energy, aerospace and defence.

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