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Our Team

Christian Le Miere

Christian is the CEO and founder of Arcipel. An experienced adviser to senior leadership in government and business on policy and risk, he has worked for the Abu Dhabi government, the International Institute for Strategic Studies and Janes. Christian has particular expertise in China and East Asia, and has published various books and articles on a range of topics in international relations and security. 

Vice Admiral John ‘Fozzie’ Miller

Fozzie is the former commander of the US’ 5th Fleet, NAVCENT and Combined Maritime Forces, having served nearly four decades with the US military. He is a leading expert on US foreign policy and the Gulf and currently serves as an associate fellow at the Atlantic Council.

Urmila Venugopalan

Urmila is an executive vice-president of Strategy and Global Operations at the Motion Picture Association. A former senior advisor to Secretary of State John Kerry’s Policy Planning Staff, Urmila has wide-ranging experience and knowledge of South Asia, the Middle East and US policy issues. 


Peter Gronlund

Peter has spent the past 10 years in the tech industry as a consultant, analyst and entrepreneur. He recently completed his masters at Columbia University and is responsible for Arcipel’s digital solutions initiatives implementing sentiment analysis and real-time analytics using open source material.

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